Treadmill Desk: The Answer to Healthy Working Conditions?

Unique office desks

Unique office desks
Treadmill Desk

I have never been enthusiastic about working at a desk, especially since I started working from home. When I used to have my own place, I had the most comfortable couch on earth. I am not exaggerating. All my friends who used to visit would immediately sit down, put their feet up, and promptly feel sleepy – if not totally fall asleep. There is also the fact that that couch was ginormous. It could easily sleep three people!

Then there’s the bed. Oh, don’t even get me started on the bed. It just calls my name, whether I am sleepy or not. Then again, if my friends can be believed, I am ALWAYS sleepy.

Needless to say, the table or desk has always been my last priority when it comes to writing. Now I am not saying that working at a desk does not make me more productive. The several times I have done proved to be good working days. It’s just that I like my comfort. 🙂 Continue reading “Treadmill Desk: The Answer to Healthy Working Conditions?”

Darth Vader Gets Married

Couple Annabelle & Chong Wai of Singapore exchanged wedding vows following a theme that countless other couples have used in the past. This couple have taken things to a whole new level, with the groom dressing up as Darth Vader himself.

I have no particular love for Darth Vader, but then again, I have not watched any of the Star Wars movies in full!

The video, courtesy of Mayad Studios1, shows just how much fun everyone had at the wedding. I dare say that this couple will have a long lived marriage, if only for their sense of humor and same level of weirdness.

After all, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it? In this crazy world, you find someone as crazy as you are and you create a crazy life together. Star Wars fans, enjoy!

Annabelle and Chong Wai from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

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