Edgar Allan Poe Hungover Shirt

Always on the lookout for the next cool geek t-shirt? If you are into literature, then you will certainly appreciate this Edgar Allan Poe Hungover Shirt. Designed by Teo Zirinis, the t-shirt is supposed to portray the infamous Edgar Allan Poe after a drinking binge. Or during one, perhaps.

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Edgar Allan Poe Hungover Shirt

The artist says:

Here is a little tribute to my favorite poet! I always thought that Nevermore was the first word that came out of his mouth after a night of heavy drinking :p

While we may never know what word did come out of Poe’s mouth after a session with his favorite poison/s, I am pretty sure we have said something similar at one point. My personal favorite is “Never again!” with David Draiman‘s intonation in mind.

In any case, it is a little too late to get your hands on this Edgar Allan Poe Hungover Shirt as the sale is over. That does not mean you can’t get someone to print it for you, does it?

Via Geeks of Doom

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