For Real Myth Busters

The first time I got to watch the TV show Mythbusters, I got hooked. I will not deny my penchant for finding out how things work and for “verifying” widely accepted concepts. Sure, curiosity killed the cat, but you also get to discover a lot of cool, albeit sometimes useless, things due to curiosity.

So yes, I think the Mythbusters are one of the coolest teams you can find on TV today. This infographic that I found via Jack FM ((Jack FM)) brought something more real to my attention, though. It’s not that I don’t see Adam Savage et. al. as real. I bet they’re as real as real can be. It’s just that sometimes, we overlook people who are doing the same thing, maybe just as well or even better, simply because they are not in the limelight.

Myth busting is highlighted on TV, but it also happens on a daily basis in real life! That’s what the infographic “The Other Myth Busters” is all about.

My favorite discovery from this graphic: Reading in the dark DOES NOT damage your eyes.

You see, I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in 3rd grade, and everyone – including myself – has always been pointing out that it is due to my habit of reading under my blanket after lights out. Well, science says otherwise! 😉

Another interesting busted myth: You shouldn’t whisper when your throat hurts. Instead, scientists have found out that you simply ought to speak normally, as if you were speaking to a person next to you. Speak only loud enough to be heard by that person. The reason? Whispering strains your throat even more!

Here’s the complete infographic. I promise you it will tickle your curious mind!

Real Myth Busters

The Other Myth Busters

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