Old Spice’s Bear Deodorant Protector

Old Spice

Bear Deodorant Protector

The Old Spice Guy was a definite hit, no matter how silly his videos were (are). Or perhaps, it’s the ridiculousness of it all that got people into the hype. We have not heard from the Old Spice Guy in a while, though, and that brief encounter with Fabio can safely be labeled a flop.

It is but to be expected, then, that the makers of the classic deodorant/aftershave lotion come up with some new to catch the attention of consumers. I am not so sure that they are going to succeed with the Bear Deodorant Protector, however.

It does what it says on the tin. This bear-shaped thingie can accommodate a deodorant bottle and is designed to protect it. Now why a guy would want his deodorant encased in a protector, I am totally clueless! Can any guy out there shed light on this?

In any case, Old Spice sticks to its tongue-in-cheek style by declaring that the Bear Deodorant Protector is “the first in what may eventually become a line of Deodorant Protectors, which are going to revolutionize the way men leave their deodorant sitting around places.” From what I know, men just leave their deodorants on the bathroom counter, on a cabinet, or in their daypacks. What’s wrong with leaving deodorants sitting around places again?

One thing is for sure: Old Spice has decided to go the quirky way yet again. Watch the video below to see the ad created by agency Weiden + Kennedy.


Are you enticed yet? Just in case you want to get this as a wacky Christmas present for a friend (I am not going to go as far as to insinuate that you actually would want one for yourself), visit the Old Spice Facebook page for “only” $19.99.

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