The Freelancing Revolution

How long have you been a freelance writer? Have you thought much about your working situation?

I bet many people in your circles who do not have a clear idea of what freelancing entails think that you are the luckiest worker alive. I have had my fair share of those sentiments expressed to my face (and not). Whether or not you I am the luckiest worker alive, I do know that I love freelance writing, and that I cannot see myself doing any other thing at this point in my life.

That passion naturally translates to curiosity about this not-so-mysterious status called “freelance”. I found an information-loaded infographic called “The Freelancing Revolution”, and I think that many freelancers will also be interested in it.

While I am a freelance writer, there is a whole wide world of freelancers out there. The major industries that hire freelancers are:

  • IT
  • Creative services – this is where we belong!
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Sales

Here’s the best thing I learned: Hiring freelancers may get employers a more educated employee! Doesn’t just give you a positive outlook about getting more jobs in the future?

Freelancing is not all about fun and lying around in the house. It does entail a lot of work and even more self-discipline. It is a very satisfying and flexible job, but it does not mean that you can laze around without doing anything. As a matter of fact, some people just might not be able to hack being a freelancer! Still, it does have tons of perks that you will absolutely enjoy.

Not yet a freelancer? Maybe you ought to join the Freelancing Revolution.

The freelancing revolution

The Freelancing Revolution

Infographic via The Daily Infographic

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