LEGO Diamond Ring = Geeky Girl’s Best Friend?

LEGO Diamond Ring

LEGO Engagement Ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, although I really would have to disagree with that. Then again, as I have been told one time too many, I always point out the exception to the rule. In any case, if you are a girl and you like diamonds, then you will probably have something to say about this LEGO Diamond Ring.

It is NOT for just any girl, though. I think that you have to have a strong affinity for LEGO to appreciate this LEGO Diamond Ring. I am even doubtful as to whether I can find a girl in my circles who would jump with joy, or cry tears of happiness, if her partner popped the question and showed her this. Then again, it does not look too bad, does it?

LEGO Diamond Ring

LEGO Engagement Ring Displayed

My take on the LEGO Diamond Ring? I really am not looking at receiving a diamond ring any time in the near future, but IF…I think it is pretty cool. As long as the block is red and not green. 😉

You? Would you even remotely consider giving such an engagement ring to your girl friend? How would you feel if your boy friend gave you this?

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