We Can Be Heroes: DC Partners Up with Charity

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

This is the best poster I have seen this week. No, this month. I find the Justice League impressive enough as it is, but this rendition makes them look even more so. Mesmerizing is the word that came to mind when I first laid my eyes on the poster, and after minutes of gazing at it, I was even more convinced of how gorgeous they artist made the superheroes look.

The poster was made for a campaign called We Can Be Heroes, where DC partnered up with several charities working to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. The charities involved are Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps.

Find out more from the official press release.

Christopher Walken Does Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are
“Where the Wild Things Are” is a classic children’s book, and just like many other classic things, it has been treated in various ways. There is the movie that came out a couple of years ago, which I have not seen, by the way. Christopher Walken’s reading of “Where the Wild Things Are” is going to blow your socks off. I promise you.

Parents, you might want to view it without your kids first, and then decide whether you want them to see/hear the video or not.

Christopher Walken’s side comments made me snort, to be sure. However, they also made me think. I wonder what goes on in the minds of kids as we read such stories to them and as they see the accompanying illustrations? Would similar thoughts (as Walken’s comments) ever enter any child’s mind?

The Case for Christ, Modern Version

It seems like eons ago when I first read the book titled “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. A journalist by profession, Strobel used to be full of unbelief when it came to the cornerstone of Christianity. In his quest to discredit Jesus Christ, Strobel was converted.

Obviously, if you are a Christian, you will enjoy reading the book and find yourself agreeing with what the author professes. To be honest, though, I remember this particular Christian still thinking from the perspective of a cynic. I remember thinking that if I were not a Christian, I still might have had my doubts. That is not to say that the book isn’t all that convincing. If anything, my side thoughts are proof that one cannot be convinced about faith unless there is a personal encounter.

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Dr. Seuss Does The A-Team


I first discovered DeviantArtist DrFaustusAU while writing a post for ForeverGeek. His work caught my because of – tada! – Dr. Seuss. Now I have never been the biggest fan of The A-Team, but who did not have a childhood with Mr. T in there somewhere?

Apparently, DrFaustusAU also has a rendition of the Four Soldiers of Fortune, with the quirky Dr. Seuss touch. Brilliant or what?

Four Soldiers of Fortune They Call The A-Team

Four Soldiers of Fortune They Call The A-Team

Make Your Own LEGO Candy



How would you like to have some of that handy whenever you feel like eating candy? This is the perfect juxtaposition for candy and LEGO lovers: LEGO candy!

You can always go for store-bought candy, but where is the fun in that? If you like engaging in a little DIY now and then, this is the perfect project that will satisfy not only your sweet tooth, but also the AFOL in you. It looks like making your own LEGO candy is not that hard. Continue reading

Qantas Airbus A380 Gives You a U.S.S. Enterprise Travel Experience

For one who always – and I mean always – travels coach, the idea of traveling business or first class is divine. But forget about your usual first class accommodations on a plane. Qantas Airlines has upgraded its offering by making available an Enterprise-like atmosphere.

Once you step foot in their first class area, you just might swoon. That is, if you are a Star Trek fan. And I dub it the Qantas Enterprise experience.

Qantas Enterprise

Qantas Enterprise

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