Make Your Own LEGO Candy



How would you like to have some of that handy whenever you feel like eating candy? This is the perfect juxtaposition for candy and LEGO lovers: LEGO candy!

You can always go for store-bought candy, but where is the fun in that? If you like engaging in a little DIY now and then, this is the perfect project that will satisfy not only your sweet tooth, but also the AFOL in you. It looks like making your own LEGO candy is not that hard. Continue reading

Deep Fried Butter, Anyone?

Deep Fried Butter

Deep Fried Butter

As if your doctor has not given you enough warnings about butter! This dessert is the concoction of Chef Simon Robertson, who said that the deep fried butter dessert was conceived with the idea of “adding fun” to their Scottish menu. Also known as “heart attack on a plate”, this deep fried butter is made of frozen butter balls and served with Irn Bru batter. If you like your whiskey, then you ought to go for the Braveheart Butter Bombs. They’re also deep fried butter, but with a splash (or two) of whiskey.

Maybe I am sick, but for some reason, I am not too enticed. Would you try this dessert out?

Via Telegraph

Gaming Dice in Chocolate and Sugar

Game much? Not video games, but tabletop games. You know, board games, card games, dice games, and so on. With these games, dice are an integral part of the experience, and Mario Lurig of Boulder, CO decided to make things sweeter. Literally.

He has launched a Kickstarter project called “Gaming Dice in Chocolate and Sugar“, the goal of which is to make candy versions of multisided dice that tabletop gamers use. There really is not much else that needs to be said. Chocolate and sugar. I’m sold. It’s basically having your dice and eating it, too.

Gaming Dice in Chocolate and Sugar

Gaming Dice in Chocolate and Sugar

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Cherpumple: Cherry Pie + Apple Pie + Pumpkin Pie + CAKE

Cherry pie Apple pie Pumpkin pie


From Neatorama ((Neatorama)):

“It is a called a cherpumple, and it represents all that remains good and right in this fallen world. Pastry chef David Lowery made this 21 lb. 10 oz. concoction for guests at the Grand Geneva Resort in Wisconsin. I feel a rekindling of hope for the human race because we can still do great things like this.”

Good Lord, is all I can say. I am a sucker for apple pie. I even almost cried once when I ordered a “solo apple pie” and got something that would not even feed a bird. But that’s a different story.

I’d eat pumpkin pie any day. Cherry pie – I am not so sure. But a CHERPUMPLE?


This cake is NOT a lie, boys and girls.

Have a Game of Thrones Thanksgiving

So maybe that’s not such a good idea, considering that everyone dies in the series anyway. Still, if we totally overlook that fact, a Game of Thrones Thanksgiving can be fun. It may be too late to do that for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, but then you’ll always have an awesome excuse to have another Thanksgiving party with friends who won’t shy away from the idea of eating and drinking like Robert Baratheon. ((Who is dead anyway. Spoiler? If you didn’t know this fact by now, then you might as well give up.))

The second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is still far away, but HBO is not sitting on its laurels thanks to a successful first season. They continue to send out “reminders” every now and then that Game of Thrones is coming back and probably coming back in a grander manner than we can imagine. (The first season finale is rather hard to beat, though.) Continue reading