Cherpumple: Cherry Pie + Apple Pie + Pumpkin Pie + CAKE

Cherry pie Apple pie Pumpkin pie
Cherry pie Apple pie Pumpkin pie

From Neatorama1:

“It is a called a cherpumple, and it represents all that remains good and right in this fallen world. Pastry chef David Lowery made this 21 lb. 10 oz. concoction for guests at the Grand Geneva Resort in Wisconsin. I feel a rekindling of hope for the human race because we can still do great things like this.”

Good Lord, is all I can say. I am a sucker for apple pie. I even almost cried once when I ordered a “solo apple pie” and got something that would not even feed a bird. But that’s a different story.

I’d eat pumpkin pie any day. Cherry pie – I am not so sure. But a CHERPUMPLE?


This cake is NOT a lie, boys and girls.

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Have a Game of Thrones Thanksgiving

Pigeon Pie Game of Thrones

So maybe that’s not such a good idea, considering that everyone dies in the series anyway. Still, if we totally overlook that fact, a Game of Thrones Thanksgiving can be fun. It may be too late to do that for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, but then you’ll always have an awesome excuse to have another Thanksgiving party with friends who won’t shy away from the idea of eating and drinking like Robert Baratheon.1

The second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is still far away, but HBO is not sitting on its laurels thanks to a successful first season. They continue to send out “reminders” every now and then that Game of Thrones is coming back and probably coming back in a grander manner than we can imagine. (The first season finale is rather hard to beat, though.) Continue reading “Have a Game of Thrones Thanksgiving”

  1. Who is dead anyway. Spoiler? If you didn’t know this fact by now, then you might as well give up. []