Inner Peace

Kung Fu Panda

Po and Inner Peace

Kung Fu Panda is one of my favorite movies for so many reasons. It is witty. It is funny. It does have some insights that children and adults alike can pick up.

One of the things that stuck to my mind from the second movie is the concept of inner peace. I always remember Po and his quest for inner peace. I found it hilarious how he kept hitting the pole in the barge all the while muttering, “Inner peace. Inner peace. Inner peace.” Continue reading

On New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

It’s a bit early for New Year’s resolutions, you may be thinking. Recent events in my life have led me to thinking about changes, however, and what are resolutions if not changes?

In the past month or so, my life has taken a turn for the worse. Or for the better. It depends on how you look at things, and at this point, I choose the latter. Things may seem bad right now, but in the long run, it’s probably for the better.

This brings me to resolutions and how it has become tradition to make them when a new year begins. But why do we have to wait till the beginning of a new year to make changes for the better? Why can’t we just say that today, I will implement change? Continue reading

Your Guide to the Worst and Best Cover Songs

There are some people who will not listen to cover songs if their lives depended on it, but I have to admit that I have a thing for really good covers. Actually, one of my favorites right now is Disturbed’s cover of U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Another one of my all time favorites is Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”, which is a Leonard Cohen original. I think those two are enough evidence to support that cover songs can be good!

Here’s a nifty infographic of the best and the worst cover songs which I found very informative because I discovered that some songs were actually covers! The illustration displays the songs in such a way that it is easy to figure out which ones are “bad” and which ones are “good”. Of course, bad and good can be relative, so you be the judge.

Cover Songs

Your Guide to the Worst and Best Cover Songs

What do you think? Did the creators do an accurate job?

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Give the Old Spice Guy a Warm Welcome Back

Have you been missing that hunk of a guy known as the Old Spice Guy? For sure, every woman on this planet knows of Isaiah Mustafa. How can one miss out on him?

I thought that his encounter with Fabio was a signal that his Old Spice days were over. Apparently, Old Spice wants him back on the horse, and he is back for the holidays. Not as your regular Old Spice Guy, but as MANTAclaus. Mind you, that’s not just a name. He does give out gifts and has, so far, given out more than 29 million! Check out the video if you want a piece of this.



experience demotivational poster

They say experience is the best teacher. I say it is only if you learn. Then again, that poster seems to make more sense. Why learn the hard way when you can learn vicariously?

Seriously, though, this quote from one of my favorite authors encapsulates experience like nothing else.

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. ~ C. S. Lewis

Old Spice’s Bear Deodorant Protector

Old Spice

Bear Deodorant Protector

The Old Spice Guy was a definite hit, no matter how silly his videos were (are). Or perhaps, it’s the ridiculousness of it all that got people into the hype. We have not heard from the Old Spice Guy in a while, though, and that brief encounter with Fabio can safely be labeled a flop.

It is but to be expected, then, that the makers of the classic deodorant/aftershave lotion come up with some new to catch the attention of consumers. I am not so sure that they are going to succeed with the Bear Deodorant Protector, however. Continue reading

Get a Stanford Education for FREE!

They say that learning does not always happen in school, but I believe that it sure does help. While you can’t always learn everything you need to know to get ahead in life in formal educational institutions, there is something to be gained from going through a formal education.

More so, learning is an activity that should not stop once you get your degree. I know for a fact that I have learned so much more that I can apply to my work after I got out of school. Of course, there is the fact that I didn’t practice my degree. As it happens often in life, the road took me down a different path, and I think that I am happier for it.

So yes, I take most everyday as a learning experience, although there are many days when I become too comfortable in my zone that I am sure I miss out on a good learning experience or two. When I realize this, I get to thinking about how it is still good to immerse one’s self in formal settings of learning every now and then. Continue reading