My Petition to Be Allowed to Enter the Byte Cellar

Ultimate Man Cave

Byte Cellar

Dear Mister Blake Patterson,

Will you please consider opening up the “Byte Cellar” – which some people have dubbed the ultimate man cave – to a tenant?1 I promise not to be a slob. I promise to keep liquids a foot away – at least – from your wonderful machines. I promise to be so quiet you won’t even know I am there.

I also swear that I will not change any settings on any machine. I will not even rearrange the icons on your desktop(s).

I simply want to bask in the pleasure that your museum-like man cave will surely give. I want to see with my own eyes and touch (with supervision, if it pleases you) those machines that I have only ever read about.

Please, Mr. Patterson?

Yours truly,
The Digital Hobo

P.S. I am a reasonably good cook, and I clean up after myself.

[UPDATE] The petition has been read!
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  1. Although I have my misgivings about the use of “man cave” as opposed to [whatever] cave, I am not a feminist. I am female though, so I’d rather change the label just so I can be allowed to enter. []

Shoot ‘em Lamps

Shoot em Lamps
Sometimes, you just feel like shooting things. Of course, with gun control and everything, you just have to settle with shooting things on the PlayStation 3. Or whatever you use to play games. Now here’s something that might just help you blow off steam while having fun and doing something useful: shooting at lamps to turn them on and off. The thing is, you’ll probably have to spend quite some money to change busted lightbulbs.

See the lamps in action at VidAddict.

Dr. Seuss Does The A-Team


I first discovered DeviantArtist DrFaustusAU while writing a post for ForeverGeek. His work caught my because of – tada! – Dr. Seuss. Now I have never been the biggest fan of The A-Team, but who did not have a childhood with Mr. T in there somewhere?

Apparently, DrFaustusAU also has a rendition of the Four Soldiers of Fortune, with the quirky Dr. Seuss touch. Brilliant or what?

Four Soldiers of Fortune They Call The A-Team

Four Soldiers of Fortune They Call The A-Team

Make Your Own LEGO Candy



How would you like to have some of that handy whenever you feel like eating candy? This is the perfect juxtaposition for candy and LEGO lovers: LEGO candy!

You can always go for store-bought candy, but where is the fun in that? If you like engaging in a little DIY now and then, this is the perfect project that will satisfy not only your sweet tooth, but also the AFOL in you. It looks like making your own LEGO candy is not that hard. Continue reading

Qantas Airbus A380 Gives You a U.S.S. Enterprise Travel Experience

For one who always – and I mean always – travels coach, the idea of traveling business or first class is divine. But forget about your usual first class accommodations on a plane. Qantas Airlines has upgraded its offering by making available an Enterprise-like atmosphere.

Once you step foot in their first class area, you just might swoon. That is, if you are a Star Trek fan. And I dub it the Qantas Enterprise experience.

Qantas Enterprise

Qantas Enterprise

Continue reading

Bacon-scented Hand Sanitizer

Bacon Hand Sanitizer

This is what happens when I have not had bacon for a loooong time. It is no secret I am almost never without a small bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer, and if I can get a bottle or two of PorkKleen from ThinkGeek, I am sure that I will always have it with me.

Bacon-scented hand sanitizer. Everyone will want to make sure their hands are clean! Only $3.99 for a 2.25-ounce bottle.

Who Wants a Steve Jobs Toy?

Steve Jobs Toy

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Let me correct myself. It is technically a Steve Jobs Action Figure. And don’t you dare call it a doll, although toy might be a good fit anyway.

We should have seen this coming. With the adulation that Steve Jobs received all his life – and even in death – an action figure was not totally inconceivable, yes?

The Steve Jobs Action Figure will be available some time in February, and it will cost you a nice $99.99. That does not include shipping. Oh, and the news is that the Jobs family and Apple have not sanctioned this action figure. Knowing them, there might be issues with the release of the action figure. I will not be surprised if that happens.

Via Courier Mail

This Is What the Beatles’ Album Covers Look Like Pixelated

I haven’t outgrown the Beatles, and I don’t think I ever will. I am not the most enthusiastic of fans, but their music never fails to uplift my spirits. Of course, there are certain songs which are just plain boring or silly, but in general, the Beatles are a good go-to band.

Beatles fans would know their album covers by heart. I’ll be honest and say I don’t, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of seeing some of their covers from a different perspective; that is, pixelated.

Flavorwire1 showcases some of the pixelated covers. Feast your pixel-hungry eyes.

Beatles Album Cover Continue reading

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