Bacon-scented Hand Sanitizer

Bacon Hand Sanitizer

This is what happens when I have not had bacon for a loooong time. It is no secret I am almost never without a small bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer, and if I can get a bottle or two of PorkKleen from ThinkGeek, I am sure that I will always have it with me.

Bacon-scented hand sanitizer. Everyone will want to make sure their hands are clean! Only $3.99 for a 2.25-ounce bottle.

The World in a Drop of Water

Everyone seems to fancy himself a photographer these days. Once in a while, though, you see work that stops you in your tracks. That’s what happened to me when I saw the work of photographer Markus Reugels, who spent countless hours setting up his subject/s. With drops of water, a map, and a globe (and maybe some other props), he was able to create awesome pictures that make it seem like you can see the world in a single drop of water.

World Water Drop

Isn’t that sheer beauty captured?

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Who Wants a Steve Jobs Toy?

Steve Jobs Toy

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Let me correct myself. It is technically a Steve Jobs Action Figure. And don’t you dare call it a doll, although toy might be a good fit anyway.

We should have seen this coming. With the adulation that Steve Jobs received all his life – and even in death – an action figure was not totally inconceivable, yes?

The Steve Jobs Action Figure will be available some time in February, and it will cost you a nice $99.99. That does not include shipping. Oh, and the news is that the Jobs family and Apple have not sanctioned this action figure. Knowing them, there might be issues with the release of the action figure. I will not be surprised if that happens.

Via Courier Mail

Deep Fried Butter, Anyone?

Deep Fried Butter

Deep Fried Butter

As if your doctor has not given you enough warnings about butter! This dessert is the concoction of Chef Simon Robertson, who said that the deep fried butter dessert was conceived with the idea of “adding fun” to their Scottish menu. Also known as “heart attack on a plate”, this deep fried butter is made of frozen butter balls and served with Irn Bru batter. If you like your whiskey, then you ought to go for the Braveheart Butter Bombs. They’re also deep fried butter, but with a splash (or two) of whiskey.

Maybe I am sick, but for some reason, I am not too enticed. Would you try this dessert out?

Via Telegraph