Siri and Microsoft Tellme Compared

Siri might very well be the most sought after personal assistant in the world. When Apple announced her presence in the newest of the iPhone models, people were scrambling about to get their hands on her. Developers and manufacturers of other smartphones were also, understandably, wanting to show that they can outdo Siri and everything she stands for.

More recently, the Internet has been abuzz with news about the claims of Craig Mundie, the Chief Research and Strategy Officer of Microsoft. He has been saying that they got “there” first. That is, for over a year, the Windows Phone has supposedly had a Siri-like functionality: Microsoft Tellme. It’s just that the hype was not the same, and people might not have discovered it. Not to mention that only a handful uses the Windows Phone.

So what is the truth? Are Siri and Microsoft Tellme the same? Here’s a video of the two functionalities compared. You tell me if Siri and Microsoft Tellme are comparable.