Give the Old Spice Guy a Warm Welcome Back

Have you been missing that hunk of a guy known as the Old Spice Guy? For sure, every woman on this planet knows of Isaiah Mustafa. How can one miss out on him?

I thought that his encounter with Fabio was a signal that his Old Spice days were over. Apparently, Old Spice wants him back on the horse, and he is back for the holidays. Not as your regular Old Spice Guy, but as MANTAclaus. Mind you, that’s not just a name. He does give out gifts and has, so far, given out more than 29 million! Check out the video if you want a piece of this.

Old Spice’s Bear Deodorant Protector

Old Spice
Old Spice
Bear Deodorant Protector

The Old Spice Guy was a definite hit, no matter how silly his videos were (are). Or perhaps, it’s the ridiculousness of it all that got people into the hype. We have not heard from the Old Spice Guy in a while, though, and that brief encounter with Fabio can safely be labeled a flop.

It is but to be expected, then, that the makers of the classic deodorant/aftershave lotion come up with some new to catch the attention of consumers. I am not so sure that they are going to succeed with the Bear Deodorant Protector, however. Continue reading “Old Spice’s Bear Deodorant Protector”