Practical Guide to Letting Go

Lego! No!

We all have to let go of something or someone at some point in our lives. In fact, I have come to realize that letting go can be described as a regular activity. When we were young, we might have had to let go of a pet. I remember going through this process when our dogs died (not all at the same time, thank God). I may not have thought of it as letting go back then, but it is what it is.

Sometimes, letting go is all about material things. Kids lose toys or break them. There is a kind of letting go in that process.

As teenagers, we let go of relationships – both the platonic and romantic kind. As young adults and young professionals, we might have had to let go of dreams: a promotion, a job that we’ve always wanted, partners, and so on.

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Moving On

Moving on
Moving on
One step at a time

I have come to the conclusion that the phrase “moving on” and its derivatives are some of the most overly used phrases in this life. That’s a clear testament to how life is. Things are in a constant state of flux. It is only a question of how you deal with it.

Moving on can mean so many things. Each person will have his own interpretation. However, it doesn’t really matter what specific issue/s you are dealing with. I think that at the end of the day, there are two things that count.

  1. Your realizations. What have you learned from your circumstances?
  2. Your plan. Are you willing to change for the better? What specific changes are you making?

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