Get a Stanford Education for FREE!

They say that learning does not always happen in school, but I believe that it sure does help. While you can’t always learn everything you need to know to get ahead in life in formal educational institutions, there is something to be gained from going through a formal education.

More so, learning is an activity that should not stop once you get your degree. I know for a fact that I have learned so much more that I can apply to my work after I got out of school. Of course, there is the fact that I didn’t practice my degree. As it happens often in life, the road took me down a different path, and I think that I am happier for it.

So yes, I take most everyday as a learning experience, although there are many days when I become too comfortable in my zone that I am sure I miss out on a good learning experience or two. When I realize this, I get to thinking about how it is still good to immerse one’s self in formal settings of learning every now and then. Continue reading “Get a Stanford Education for FREE!”