Who Wants a Steve Jobs Toy?

Steve Jobs Toy

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Let me correct myself. It is technically a Steve Jobs Action Figure. And don’t you dare call it a doll, although toy might be a good fit anyway.

We should have seen this coming. With the adulation that Steve Jobs received all his life – and even in death – an action figure was not totally inconceivable, yes?

The Steve Jobs Action Figure will be available some time in February, and it will cost you a nice $99.99. That does not include shipping. Oh, and the news is that the Jobs family and Apple have not sanctioned this action figure. Knowing them, there might be issues with the release of the action figure. I will not be surprised if that happens.

Via Courier Mail

Here’s to the Crazy Ones Poster

Crazy Ones Poster

Crazy Ones Poster

Everyone has heard or read this quote at least once by now. The recently departed Steve Jobs has indeed left a mark on our generation, and this quote is perhaps one of the most popular (if not the most inspiring) that can be attributed to him.

If this quote means much to you, you might want to get a letterpress poster featuring the quote in its entirety. Uncrate is accepting orders till December 17. A poster costs $100-$200. (You didn’t think it would come cheaply, did you? After all, it is still an Apple-related product!)

Each poster measures in at 10 x 26 inches, is printed on 100% cotton and handmade Arches 140# paper. There are only 500 prints available, so if you really want one, I suggest not waiting.