The Case for Christ, Modern Version

It seems like eons ago when I first read the book titled “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. A journalist by profession, Strobel used to be full of unbelief when it came to the cornerstone of Christianity. In his quest to discredit Jesus Christ, Strobel was converted.

Obviously, if you are a Christian, you will enjoy reading the book and find yourself agreeing with what the author professes. To be honest, though, I remember this particular Christian still thinking from the perspective of a cynic. I remember thinking that if I were not a Christian, I still might have had my doubts. That is not to say that the book isn’t all that convincing. If anything, my side thoughts are proof that one cannot be convinced about faith unless there is a personal encounter.

And speaking of personal encounters…

There’s this video that has been making the rounds lately. A guy who goes by the name Jefferson Bethke made a spoken word video about why he loves Jesus but hates religion. Titled exactly that, the video is what I’d like to call the case for Christ, modern version.

I have never been that vocal about my faith, but I have never denied it either. And I don’t plan on doing so. That is why I was filled with pleasant emotions when I saw people sharing the video all over the place.

However, it seems that a lot of people put more focus on the “hate religion” part. Sure, structured religion has a lot of flaws. I have more than my fair share of issues about it, in fact. I just wish that people also put as much weight – or even more – on the other side of the coin: Jesus.

I don’t like preachy stuff, so I hope I am not coming across as that. Let me just say that when you have had that personal encounter, you can very well throw religion out the window. Your faith is between you and God alone, and boy, does this get you through the worst times of your life. It may sound clichè. In fact, it is. It does not change the fact, however, that during these times, I have found peace and the will to go on only because of my faith.

Do watch the video with an open mind. It just might change your life.

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