Your Guide to the Worst and Best Cover Songs

There are some people who will not listen to cover songs if their lives depended on it, but I have to admit that I have a thing for really good covers. Actually, one of my favorites right now is Disturbed’s cover of U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Another one of my all time favorites is Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”, which is a Leonard Cohen original. I think those two are enough evidence to support that cover songs can be good!

Here’s a nifty infographic of the best and the worst cover songs which I found very informative because I discovered that some songs were actually covers! The illustration displays the songs in such a way that it is easy to figure out which ones are “bad” and which ones are “good”. Of course, bad and good can be relative, so you be the judge.

Cover Songs
Your Guide to the Worst and Best Cover Songs

What do you think? Did the creators do an accurate job?

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