My Petition to Be Allowed to Enter the Byte Cellar

Ultimate Man Cave

Byte Cellar

Dear Mister Blake Patterson,

Will you please consider opening up the “Byte Cellar” – which some people have dubbed the ultimate man cave – to a tenant? ((Although I have my misgivings about the use of “man cave” as opposed to [whatever] cave, I am not a feminist. I am female though, so I’d rather change the label just so I can be allowed to enter.)) I promise not to be a slob. I promise to keep liquids a foot away – at least – from your wonderful machines. I promise to be so quiet you won’t even know I am there.

I also swear that I will not change any settings on any machine. I will not even rearrange the icons on your desktop(s).

I simply want to bask in the pleasure that your museum-like man cave will surely give. I want to see with my own eyes and touch (with supervision, if it pleases you) those machines that I have only ever read about.

Please, Mr. Patterson?

Yours truly,
The Digital Hobo

P.S. I am a reasonably good cook, and I clean up after myself.

[UPDATE] The petition has been read!
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Digital Hobo Takes Care of the Trash

Digital Hobo Trash

Digital Hobo Trash

Taking the trash out is one of my least favorite chores. Of course, Pepper Potts’s line about occasionally taking out the trash for Tony Stark made me chuckle. Not that I would ever want my Tony Stark to have trash of that kind! ((As if I had a Tony Stark!))

This t-shirt is pretty cool, though, especially for Digital Hobo. You can get it at GlennZ Tees for $21.95. They have tees both for men and women in various sizes.