The Hunger Games Nail Polish Line

Hunger Games Nail Polish

Hunger Games Nail Polish Colors

Apparently, I missed the initial rumors that a nail polish line was going to be released for The Hunger Games. Thanks to Fashionably Geek, I just about caught the update – that the Hunger Games Nail Polish Line is really coming out. ((Fashionably Geek)) Unsurprisingly, legal issues are to blame for the talk about the whole thing being a hoax.

If I had come across the Hunger Games Nail Polish Line a year or so ago, I probably couldn’t have cared less. I have to admit that I am rather curious as to how the colors would look in real life – Smoke and Ashes and Riveting are particularly interesting.

Any Hunger Games readers out there? How do you take this marketing move?

Oh yeah, we’ll have to wait till March next year for the release.