The Digital Hobo

Who is the Digital Hobo?

About a year ago, I made decisions that would change my life forever. I was a 30-something woman who seemed to have everything she could need. I had a stable day job that paid well. I wrote as a freelancer during my free time. I was pretty much “settled”.

Everything was fine on the professional front, but my personal life was in shambles. My marriage had broken down irreparably. My husband had left for another woman, and they had a child. I had struggled with this situation for almost two years before I was able to move on.

I traveled. I ate. I wrote. I drank. I got busy.

Then I decided to make big changes. I quit my day job when I was given the chance to write full time. I decided to leave the comfortable shoebox of a condo that I called home. At that point, I was getting back on my feet after a tumultuous period in my life. I was almost back to my old self, and I knew that having no serious ties was the life for me. I was going to move from place to place for an indeterminate period of time until I found a place to call my home again. I had decided to start Digital Hobo as a personal project.

Being a freelance writer, my plan was totally feasible. I can work practically anywhere and carry out this project, highlighting my other passions in life: traveling, food, and shiny (and not-so-shiny) tech stuff.

One year later, I find myself still the same person seeking to find her place. Sure, it is hard, but there is always that hope driving me to continuously put one foot forward. And while I go on this journey, I shall strive to make the best of everything that I have.

In this blog, I share what I know and experience about writing – both the creative and technical aspects. I share my experiences as a traveler, my passion for everything that I can cook or sample, and my gadget/tech/geek adventures and discoveries.

Join this freelance writer, wanderer, food lover, and tech enthusiast as I once again embark on my search for home. Life is short. We might as well enjoy every bit of it!

3 thoughts on “The Digital Hobo

  1. I like your blog! I, too am wanting to freelance write full time after working as a high school English teacher for the past 5 years. Do you have advice on where to start? I am currently writing for a local magazine, but where else can I look? Thanks!

  2. Hi , Noemi.

    First of all, here’s a big hug from me. *HUG* You are a courageous, strong, and independent, and for that, I have so much respect for you.

    This fellow blogger will be following you know, if you don’t mind. 🙂

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