Qantas Airbus A380 Gives You a U.S.S. Enterprise Travel Experience

For one who always – and I mean always – travels coach, the idea of traveling business or first class is divine. But forget about your usual first class accommodations on a plane. Qantas Airlines has upgraded its offering by making available an Enterprise-like atmosphere.

Once you step foot in their first class area, you just might swoon. That is, if you are a Star Trek fan. And I dub it the Qantas Enterprise experience.

Qantas Enterprise
Qantas Enterprise

Each Qantas Enterprise passenger will have a private space, and I mean private. Just look at how happy that guy is. Never mind that he is also probably paid for the photo op. But seriously, with this space, I guess no one would mind having to fly for hours and hours!
Qantas Enterprise Seats
As for sleeping, you don’t have to wiggle and toss around for hours to find a comfortable position. Your seat goes back all the way to form a “real” bed.

Qantas Enterprise Sleep
Qantas Enterprise Sleep

Heck, this might even be better than sleeping quarters in the Enterprise. NOT!

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